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Planning your TEA

AmnesTEA is a simple concept. Get Together for Human Rights - Bake - Raise Funds.

Your event can be large or small; simple or flamboyant.

The main aim is to host an event, invite guests and raise as much cash as you can to protect human rights here at home, and around the world.


  1. The official AmnesTEA day is Thursday 25 August, but you can hold your event any day through August if that date doesn't suit your diary.
  2. Choose a date, send out a save the date or invite to your event
  3. Enlist a team of organisers and/or volunteer bakers
  4. Secure a suitable space for your event;  your home, local cafe, church hall, or workplace,
    school or uni
  5. Decide on a theme. Will you include a raffle or prize for the best bake etc

Fundraising Tips

  • You will create an online fundraising page as part of your registration.  Take the time to personalise this  and add some emotive reasons why you are hosting your event.
  • Find 10 mins and send this fundraising page to everyone you know well in advance to ask for an upfront donation.  These will be receipted automatically, and will significantly cut down the admin time Amnesty needs to process donations.
  • Set your fundraising limit (aim high) - tell your guests what this can help achieve.
  • Ask your boss to dollar match any funds raised.
  • Ask your local cafe to support you by donating 20c per coffee sold on AmnesTEA day.
  • Go social... let everyone you know via Facebook, twitter etc what you're doing, why and when.
  • Start your online donations with your own personal one if you can and make it a figure others would be proud to follow.
  • Set up your ipad/tablet at your event and ask guests to make their donation online (rather than cash). This is a win/win for everyone... Amnesty spends much less time manually processing donations, your  guests have access to their receipts automatically and you don't have to spend hours counting/banking   gold coins.


Once you register your event, you will be sent a Host Pack in the mail.  This contains lots of materials to get you started and to help brand your event on the day.  You can also download extras of some of these items