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Frequently asked questions

1) What is AmnesTEA?

AmnesTEA is an annual fundraising event where hundreds of human rights supporters around the country host a morning or afternoon tea and invite guests to eat cake, discuss human rights and raise vital funds to support Amnesty International.


2) When is AmnesTEA?

The official date is Thursday 25 August.  But if that doesn't suit your diary, we encourage you to host an event on any other day throughout August. **Inorder to go into the prize draw, all monies must be received by Amnesty International Australia no later than 25 September 2016**.


3) How do I get involved?

It's simple, fun and FREE to get involved.  Simply register-your-tea and we will send you a Host Pack with everything you need, including posters and donation boxes to start advertising your event details and help you brand on the day. You can hold an event at home, in your local cafe, by hiring your church/local hall, or in work, school or uni...anywhere.


4) How much should I fundraise?

The sky is the limit!  Last year's top individual fundraiser (Kimberley Goh) managed to raise over $1400 at her event.  Overall, last year's guests donated on average $10 - $20 each, so your target will very much depend on the potential size of your event.  We are hoping to have at least 500 hosts sign up for an event this year and aim to raise $300 or more. Every dollar you help raise will make a real difference to human rights equality. ** If your event does raise over $300 you will go into the draw to win a prize**


5) Can I fundraise before the event?

As part of the registration process, you will create an online fundraising page for your event.  The easiest way to raise funds is to personalise this page with a photo and emotive reason(s) for why you've decided to host a Tea, and then send this link to everyone you know; friends, family, colleagues, before the event.


This method has many advantages a) receipts are automatically created, saving Amnesty staff a lot of time on processing receipts. b) your guests receive an automatic receipt and c) you won't spend hours counting/banking gold coins on event day! 


6) How do I bank cash raised on the day?

If you do collect cash on the day there are two ways to bank that.

a) Bank the cash yourself and add a donation using your credit card to your online page. You must choose "Purchase" as your type of transaction in this case.  Funds will automatically be added to your tally and sent to Amnesty - quick and simple.


b) Take your cash to the bank (or internet banking) and make a deposit to the Amnesty International Australia - Team Events account.

BSB: 062 028     Account: 00904019     Reference: Surname & TEA eg JonesTEA


If using this method, please also email fundraisingevents@amnesty.org.au to advise of the transaction; how much and by whom.  That way we can keep an eye out for it and add it to your page's tally.


7) What if my guests need a receipt?

If your guests make an online donation they will be receipted automatically. If your guests require a receipt on the day, they will need to fill in all of their contact details (including email) on the "Receipt Request Form" provided in your host pack and you will need to send that to us, with proof of donation.  Our admin team will then process the receipt.  Over these busier periods, receipting can take a little while, so please be patient with us.


8) Can we Take Action on the day?

Yes - we encourage it!  Last year we provided one case study to focus on. But this year to increase our human rights impact, we are highlighting many more Individual at Risk cases. The take-action tab highlights who we are working with and for, this year.  Please download the petition(s) for your event and ask guests to add their signature in support.


9) I can't host an event this year, but would still like to offer support

If you can't host your own event this year, you can still make a donation to AmnesTEA by clicking here 


10) What is the prize draw?

All hosts who raise $300 (or more) at their event will be automatically entered into our prize draw.  To be eligible for entry, all funds raised must be received by Amnesty International Australia no later than midnight on 23 September 2016.  The winner will be announced the week commencing 26 September by phone and email and will receive a fabulous hamper filled with T2 tea and crockery.


11) I have more questions.

Please contact the Events Team on 02 8396 7689 or fundraisingevents@amnesty.org.au with any further questions.


Here are some of last year's AmnesTEA events in Melbourne, Frankston and Sydney...